Arena: The Elder Scrolls

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: 1993
Review Date: April 1996
Operating System: DOS
Rating (1-10): 6
This game has a magnificent first-person perspective 3D user-interface that renders indoor and outdoor scenes with uncanny realism. Not even Doom II has managed such realism, though the Doom series handles monsters and monster AI much more elegantly. Arena suffers from a poorly-developed creature AI which allows creatures to appear in the corners of closed rooms which have already been searched, proving irritating in most cases and fatal in some. It's also fairly difficult to find the plot in Arena, so I've spent hours wandering aimlessly about. All-in-all, though, this game is well worth experiencing, if just for the user interface and the depth of the Arena worlds. I never got very far with the game myself, though I would probably come back to it if someone gave me some clue about what I'm supposed to be doing.

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