Frontier Elite II

Publisher: Konami
Release Date: 1993
Review Date: April 1996
Operating System: DOS
Rating (1-10): 5
This game is unique among the space exploration and combat games in that it uses a fairly accurate model of space, star distances, and solar system sizes. The primary goal of the game is self-enrichment via trading, mining, bounty-hunting, assassination, providing passenger transport, and/or working for one of the major navies. Supply and demand are reasonably well-designed, though the incentives for non-trading activities really aren't sufficient to warrant the risks associated relative to intelligent trading. Unfortunately, the graphics are fairly rudimentary, and the space combat is so tedious that I made a habit of saving the game before each flight so that I could avoid any ensuing combat sequences! I've recently begun playing the game again, and have discovered that a serious beam laser is the only weapon worth having. Build up your fortune on the cargo run between Earth and Bernard's Star, then invest in a big ship with one, huge gun, and you're off to the races!

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