Wing Commander: Privateer

Publisher: Origin (Electronic Arts)
Release Date: 1993
Review Date: April 1996
Operating System: DOS
Rating (1-10): 9
Privateer is similar in concept to Frontier Elite, though it represents some significant enhancements with respect to the user interface. (This seems to have been bought at the expense of size, since Privateer ships on a boatload of disks, and Frontier Elite shipped on three!) The goal of Privateer is essentially the same as that of Frontier Elite, though there is an "alien artifact" plot woven into the whole thing to provide some motivation for exploring the vast universe, and to provide some "higher" goal outside of simple self-enrichment. Privateer offers excellent combat, as would be expected from a member of the Wing Commander series, and a rich graphical environment. Ship selection is limited to only four ships, and add-ons for those ships are fairly limited. The commodities-trading model is somewhat stripped-down relative to Frontier Elite's, and the universe model is static.

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