Star Control 3

Publisher: Accolade
Release Date: 1996
Review Date: November 1997
Operating System: Windows 95 / DOS
Rating (1-10): 4
Star Control 3 has its roots in a game (Star Control) that predated the original Masters of Orion, and it still carries some of the baggage from its origins. The resource-management is similar to that of Alien Legacy, where the "mother ship" must ferry key resources among the colonies, and where the "mother ship" must travel to different planets in order to colonize them. Colony growth is also similar to that of Alien Legacy, where key structures are built and improved over time, and where the colony screen shows these ever-growing structures in a top-down view. In fact, the similarities are so close that they beg the question as to which game copied the other - was Alien Legacy a copy of the original Star Control, or did SC3 copy Alien Legacy?

The star map in SC3 is three-dimensional, but finite (maybe 100 star systems). Fleet movement is more similar to that of Ascendancy, where individual fleets appear on the map and can be manipulated directly within the map view. Combat is disappointingly two-dimensional and iconic (like Asteroids!).

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