Buying a House (August - October 2003)
Early fall sailing is superceded by our purchase of a house!

August: The Closing & Move

To make a VERY long story short, we bought a house in late August and moved out of our apartment. Circumstances required us to do a lot of work on the house both before and after the move, so I didn't so much as check on the boat for two months prior to closing. When I finally got over to the boat at the end of August, all my little drip tubs were overflowing, the bilge was full of water, and there was a lot of mildew inside. Apparently, the skylights have started leaking again.

September: Hurricanes & The Truncated Beach Trip

We came home from the Beach trip a day early (on Saturday, Sept 6) because Hurricane Henri was threatening the Florida area, but it petered out that evening. Later that month, we tracked Hurricane Isabelle, but it petered out too. All in all, it we've been really lucky this year -- no serious storms.

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