Spring Fit-Out (January - March 2003)
Time to get some things fixed.

December 31, 2002: Theresa Goes Swimming

I hate to start a log with a story like this, but it was just SO memorable. I had noticed over Thanksgiving that the skylights were leaking again. (Not unexpectedly, the Salt Creek Boatworks people had botched that repair job too.) With Serendipity all snugged into her new slip, and with some free time on my hands, I decided it might be a good idea to fix the leaks before they caused too much damage to the interior. Theresa offered to come along to help me, despite my assurances that I could handle the job myself.

It's only fair to explain that the new slip lacks a proper finger pier, and we don't have any sort of gangplank, so it's a bit of a trick to get aboard. Well, I hopped aboard and started carrying our supplies back to the cockpit when I heard a sudden yelp, followed in quick succession by a big splash. By the time I turned around, Theresa was treading water fully dressed, shivering and trying in vain to keep her purse out of the water. I took the purse (which was literally full of water), then directed Theresa around to the stern of the boat where I could put the swim ladder down for her. We got Theresa all dried off and started going through her purse to dry everything off. Her cellphone was in there, so my first inclination was to disconnect the battery, but the battery was internal. So I broke out my tools and took the whole thing apart. Apparently I was too late, because the thing never worked again. (And no, I didn't break it.)

I DID manage to get the skylight leaks patched in the end, though I was a bit rushed and didn't do a very good job of it. Basically, I just slapped some new sealant on top of the old stuff. That should stop the leaks for a while, anyway. Happy New Year!

January, 2003: Genoa Reconditioning

Our genoa was starting to look really ratty, and the leech line had pulled loose entirely, so I decided to have the sail reconditioned. I took it down in January and shipped it off to Sail Care up in New England, where they clean sails and reinfuse them with whatever polymer gives new sails that distinctive feel. They told me that this was only going to take 6 weeks, but once they got it, they amended that to 8 weeks. This pushed the return out to the middle of March.

February, 2003: Refinancing

Once we decided to keep Serendipity, I started looking into refinancing her loan. This was a somewhat lengthy process, but in the end, we managed to cut our interest rate from 8.25% to 5.75%. That saved us a couple hundred dollars a month on the boat payments.

Meanwhile, I started thinking about racing Serendipity, and it was sounding like a lot of fun. There were a number of local races coming up, but we couldn't do any of them until our genoa got back...

March 7 & 8, 2003: Wind Direction Indicator

Dad and Judy were in town and Theresa was working, so we went over to check on the boat. Dad & Judy hoisted me up the mast, and I removed the broken windvane. (Nice view from up there!) I stopped by West Marine later that week and ordered the replacement part.

March 15, 2003: Reassembling Everything

The new windvane came in, and we finally got our reconditioned genoa back. Theresa and I went over to the boat and put everything back together (requiring another trip up the mast, of course). We hadn't calibrated the wind direction indicator yet, but otherwise we felt ready to try the next upcoming race...

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