Summer Sailing (April - July 2003)
We get in a few sails over the summer.

March: New Sacrificial

I had declined to have the sacrificial replaced when Sail Care reconditioned the genoa, but it clearly needed replacing. I found a local canvas shop that would do the work, but they offered a significant discount if I'd take the old sacrificial off myself. So I took the sail back down (on Friday, March 28) and trucked it home, where I sat on the floor over the weekend and pulled out all the old stitching. It was a time-consuming, but not particularly difficult, process. The following Thursday (April 3), I dropped it off at the canvas shop.

April: Race Research

In the first week of April, I did a lot of research on the Key West Regatta, but I ended up recommending that we do some more local races before trying anything that big. Unfortunately, the racing season was almost over (since it gets too hot down here in the summer to be enjoyable).

May: New "Sliplord"

The owner of the house behind which we're keeping the boat sold his property to a young doctor, transferring the slip rental contract along with it. It was a while before I met the new owner, but he seems like a nice guy. He's also spending some cash to get the seawall and the docks fixed up.

June: Failed Outing

Sometime in early June, Theresa and I tried to take the boat out for a little sail by ourselves, but the tides were against us, and there wasn't enough water in the channel for us to get out. We tried several times, but kept getting stuck in the mud, so we finally gave up and returned to our slip, somewhat embarassed.

July: Pleasure Sail

On Saturday, July 5, we went sailing with Kelley and Keith. We had great wind and a lovely sail. The John's Pass bridge broke soon after we went out through it, so we monitored the VHF and just sailed around until they fixed it.

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