Overnight, we became a four-person family, and our priorities underwent a major change.

Epilogue (December 2006)

I have received several emails over the past three years asking if we're still sailing, whatever happened with the boat, etc. (I really thought that only family and friends would ever find these logs, but it seems that they're turning up in Google searches too...)

Here's the story in a nutshell: We decided in 2005 to have kids, and we got them in spades -- twin boys born in November 2005. We did manage one very pleasant daysail in July 2005 when Theresa was five months pregnant, but that was the last time we took the boat out.

Shortly afterwards (in September), we decided that it was really time to get serious about selling Serendipity, since we obviously weren't going to be doing any extended cruising for a while -- at least until the boys were old enough to enjoy it without killing themselves. I tracked down my broker, dropped my asking price, and got him to step up his marketing efforts.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), she still didn't sell right away -- presumably because I was still asking too much. I had some showings in the spring, but they didn't pan out, and the broker again suggested that I drop my asking price. I agonized about that some more, but ultimately did so. Now it's December (2006), and we have finally received and accepted an offer on the boat, so it looks like these logs are finished -- at least until the boys get older and we buy another boat...

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