The Magic Analyst Database
This Access database contains all cards from Alpha through Mirrodin. Search on a wealth of designated fields like Color and Flying, or search the actual card text for specific words or phrases. The main Card Form is also capable of displaying images of the cards, provided you can amass a collection of them.
Some people may be interested in the story behind this database. After poring over the spoiler lists from the Wizards of the Coast website, I had this notion that the data would be a lot more usable in database form. I downloaded the spoilers, designed an Access database to hold the data, then wrote a program in VB to do the import. I gradually enhanced this program to make intelligent sense of the card data as it parsed through it, enabling the addition of specific fields for most card attributes.

Soon after I'd finished importing all the data, I stumbled across several other Magic databases online, and the general interest in card databases inspired me to continue enhancing my own. The database is currently available (for free) through my Game Maker's Studio corporate website. If you have any problems with the database, please send your feedback to my company address.

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