Magic Links
This is my collection of Magic: The Gathering links. Please let me know if any are broken.


Allegiance Games
Alpha, Beta, Unlimited
Dragon's Lair!
Edgeman Gaming Cards
Potomac Distribution
Jane's Cards
Magic Web Den of Pokemon and Magic the Gathering Cards
TNC Magic: The Gathering Collectible Card Game - Singles Page
The Wagical Place - Magic the Gathering Single Card Sales


Dragonstar Studios
The Library of Dominia
The Magic Compendium
The Magic Compendium - Cardsets
Magic: The Gathering Card Database
MoxPerl WWW MTG Database

Magic Sites

Archangel's Magic Page
Armageddon Plane - Links
Cloister's Trading Card Price Lists
Crystal Keep - Magic: The Gathering
Gene6 Magic the Gathering Page
Hellkite's Magic Lair
Londe's Magic Site
Magic The Gathering World
Magic Paradise
Magic Paradise Link Page
Ultimate MTG Page
Magic Cards - Favorite Illustrations

Magic: The Gathering Home Page
Magic: The Gathering - Cardsets
Magic: The Gathering - Decks
eBay Listings: Magic Auctions Ending Soon
Yahoo! Recreation > Games > Card Games > Collectible Card Games > Magic: The Gathering

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