Our Home Saga:

On June 20, I got a call from the real estate agent. She told me in her best "I'm trying to stay calm" voice that a water line in the upstairs bathroom had ruptured, flooding the entire house, collapsing the downstairs ceilings, and ruining the downstairs floors. The lawn guy had noticed water flowing out from under the front door, so he turned off the water main.

It's difficult to describe my reaction to that news, really. I was shocked, yes, and stunned, but those words seem kind of weak. It was more of an incredible sinking feeling, like wrecking your car or something.

The agent went on to explain that Paul Davis Restoration had been called in to deal with the cleanup, and that they had done a very good job tearing out the carpets, removing the baseboards, and setting up industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry the place out. Moreover, the owner was prepared to restore everything to its original condition, per our contract. Thinking that all of this had just happened in the last few days, I told the agent that I needed to see the property as soon as possible.

The next day, I met the real estate agent at the house. I was surprised to find that the house didn't stink, that it was dry, and that the mess was mostly cleaned up. Sure, the carpets were gone, the hardwood in the entryway was ruined, and the ceilings were ripped open in several rooms, but I grew up around construction sites, so that didn't really bother me. I told the real estate agent that I wanted to get my home inspector back in to give me his opinion on the situation.

The home inspector's opinions the following week proved reassuring, but in the course of conversation I learned that the damage had actually occurred way back on May 29th, and that the real estate agent had just delayed calling me for three weeks. That kinda' ticked me off, but it was water under the bridge (door?) at that point.

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