Our Home Saga:
The Move

The one week delay over the tree issue left us with only FOUR days to get everything ready for the move. We had already started packing over the weekend, but I had delayed a lot of the house work until after closing to ensure that we actually owned the house. In particular, the house still needed flooring.

As things worked out, the wallpaper was hung on Tuesday, the doors were painted on Wednesday, and the carpet guys finished the carpet installation on Friday morning as the movers were loading the trucks at our old apartment! We didn't have time to get the new hardwood floors installed, so the living room and dining room still had bare concrete floors when we moved in.

The move itself went rather smoothly, though it did require TWO 25-foot moving trucks. (The second one was about 3/4 full.) We were done by 7:30 in the evening. That left us a full week to unpack and put our lives back in order before the annual Freeland beach vacation. I had scheduled the flooring guys to install the hardwood while we were at the beach, so in addition to unpacking, we had to clear everything out of the downstairs. (Just try that trick next time you move!)

The pace in that last week before the beach was absolutely frantic. I had absurd lists of "Things to Do Today" that would normally fill an entire week, and despite working nonstop for 16 hours a day, things just kept dropping off the list. (That's why I didn't have the D&D characters ready for the beach, or all my Magic decks ready, etc. etc.) By the time we left for the beach, Theresa and I were completely exhausted.

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